3 Ways To Increase Small Business Sales

There are so many different ways to increase the amount of sales for your business. But for the sake of simplicity, I’ve provided a basic framework for the top three methods of increasing your business’ sales below:

The three ways are:

  1. Increasing the average customer’s spend per visit
  2. Increase customer frequency
  3. Attracting new customers

Seems easy right? It is easy, but it’s not that simple.

Let’s dive into each one of the strategies to help you accomplish each of these objectives.

  1. Increase the average sale per visit

Yes, you could raise your prices. That’s one way, but there are other ways as you already know. I’m often surprised how many small business owners don’t leverage the time they have with the customer while they are in the business. They’ve already decided on you instead of your competitors, and they are already spending money in your business. So get the most out of them while they are there!

Strategies that work to increase the average sale include:

In-house promotions/upsells and improving customer services This one is on you. Having great in-house promotions and specials (that they learn about when they visit) can consistently increase your average sale. But, often times it’s just a matter of training your staff on how to gently, yet persuasively, up-sell customers. For example, a server in a restaurant may ask, “In addition to starting you off with drinks, what appetizer can I start you off with this evening? Can I recommend the Pig Pen Nachos? They’re a customer favourite here!” This presupposes the sale, it’s not a question of “Can I start you out with some appetizers…” which is a yes/no question, it’s asking which one they want to start out with. Sometimes the smallest adjustment in your language can make all the difference in a sale. Another example? A salon staff member might suggest a new spa package for a discounted rate if purchased that day, “For all of our new customers we’re offering a one-time offer to get one of our spa packages for 20% off if purchased during your first visit. Which package are you most interested in?”

  1. Increase customer frequency

The strategies to getting customers to come back to your business again and again are slightly different to the strategies used to attract new customers in the first place. It starts with great products and great service. I’m assuming that’s a priority for you and something you take seriously already; however, I can’t stress enough how significant this is. I can’t tell you how many times I bump into business owners who complain to me how they don’t have any repeat customers only for me to Google their business and find an ocean of 1-star reviews near their name. Customers MUST leave satisfied with your service. Assuming this is already the case, you can leverage the strategies below to increase your percentage of repeat customers.

Strategies that work to increase customer frequency include:

Email marketing, SMS (Text) marketing, Facebook, Instagram. Wi-Fi marketing companies.

If you aren’t constantly adding hundreds of emails to your email datable list (through creative social media marketing campaigns and promotions in house for emails) then you are missing out on a major piece of the retention system. And SMS, Text marketing? Well, keep in mind that most of your customers prefer text over email and are more likely to check their phone more frequently than their email.

What about Facebook and Instagram? Of course, it’s powerful for keeping in front of fans and existing customers as well. One strategy we use for our clients is taking their email list and uploading it to Facebook to market to those customers – which can help increase customer frequency as well. Facebook Live video and Instagram stories should also be part of your marketing mix and retention strategy – and if you don’t know what these are or how to use them you are already being left behind.

  1. Attract new customers

No matter how long you’ve been in business and no matter what your business is, there are always new opportunities to attract new customers, thanks to advancements in technology and software over the past few years. That’s good news for business owners that are quick to adopt the latest technology and strategies to attract new customers. As for business owners who are stuck in their old ways, I’m afraid to say they risk getting left behind. The good news is it’s never too late to start, and I can guarantee you that no matter where you are, there are probably people who have lived in your area who have never even visited your business, despite how long you’ve been there.

Probably one of the top ways for your business to attract customer is through:


Instagram and Facebook advertising.

I’m guessing, if you’re anything like I was, you’ve tried a few boosted posts in the past – which I’m sure you can agree was an absolute waste of your time and money as an owner. It’s vital to leverage the incredibly powerful ad platform called Power Editor that Facebook has in order to reach your customers, in hyper-targeted ways. For example, you can target people on Facebook who have a birthday coming up in the next 7 days, people who specific health and fitness interests, people who have upcoming anniversaries, people who like spas, diet and weight loss pages, BBQ lovers, newly engaged couples, craft beer enthusiasts, people in a particular income bracket or who have expense purchasing behaviour and more. The point is, you can use the hyper-targeting system that Facebook has to find your ideal customer for cheaper.

Instagram has been part of the FB ad platform for a while now, and the engagement rate on Instagram is second to none. If you don’t have an engaged presence on these two platforms, you’re missing out on the some of the most significant ways to attract new customers, meaning you’re leaving money on the table.



Remember to plan

I’m consistently surprised and shocked how many small business owners don’t have a marketing plan, let alone a digital marketing plan. Social media and the other strategies discussed here are all very real ways to get results and increase sales. Unfortunately, if you are failing to plan, you’re really just planning to fail.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, let us know, we’re here to help. We’ll work through a strategy for you in a Free Complimentary Consulting Call with me or one of my team. You’ll come out of it knowing exactly what you need to do, to grow your sales in your small business.